Rashid bin Abboud: Dibba is looking forward to an exceptional season

Rashid bin Abboud, Executive Director of Dibba Al-Fujairah Club, confirmed that the first football team is looking forward to Rashid bin Abboud, CEO of Dibba Al-Fujairah Club, confirmed that the first football team is looking forward to presenting an exceptional season in addition to maintaining its current level, which qualified it to lead the second group clubs of the preliminary qualifiers for the President's Cup with 6 points from two matches, after achieving Winning over Al-Jazira Al-Hamra by seven and crossing the Gulf FC obstacle by four goals.

Bin Abboud added in a statement: "Al-Nawakhtha has a very important match, the last at the group level, against Al-Hamriya, who has the same balance of points, but is second place following Dibba FC by goal difference. The club’s management, headed by Ahmed Saeed Al-Dhanhani, pays great attention to the team and the entire club, and has provided all capabilities to achieve the desired goals. The CEO stated that the technical staff, led by coach Zoran Jovic, gives the Al Hamriya match most of its attention, and the team's players have been prepared well in order to win the qualification card for this group and be in the next round, and then think about the round of 16 of the most expensive competition.

Bin Abboud pointed to the great readiness among the players to present an exceptional season, when it comes to matches in the first division that qualifies to play in the ADNOC Professional League. He said, "The best citizens and foreigners, as well as residents, were attracted and all means were provided to ensure the team's success, in addition to contracting with the top scorer of the amateur league , the Brazilian player, Diego da Silva, who led the Emirates team to the ADNOC Professional League.