Dibba Club holds a celebration in its summer camp for children and families

Dibba Club held, this evening, Wednesday, a celebration of its summer camp for children and families, in the presence of members of the club's board of directors, representatives of the UAE Professional League, and a number of citizens and residents participating in the summer camp for children.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the members of the club’s board of directors welcomed the representatives of the UAE Professional League, and the audience participating in the celebration, including citizens and residents, wishing them and their children a good time, and praising their keenness to be present in these community events.

The celebration activities included a number of sports and water sports such as football and swimming, in addition to a number of recreational activities such as musical performances, face painting, and puppetry, in an atmosphere full of joy and fun.

In statements on the sidelines of the celebration, Mr. Ahmed Al-Salami, Board Member and Chairman of the Dibba Club Group and Individual Games Committee, said that the summer camps held by the Emirates Professional League, in cooperation with sports clubs, are one of the most important community initiatives that contribute to promoting positive participation and raising From the level of awareness among children and families of the importance of exercising and following healthy habits, which must be inculcated in the hearts of children, and then become part of their daily activities.

He added that Dibba Club was keen to provide the appropriate atmosphere for citizens and residents to enjoy the programs and activities of the ceremony, wishing all participants, citizens and residents, to spend happy and good times.

For his part, Captain Ahmed Gailah Al-Handasi, General Supervisor of the Football Academy, said that the Board of Directors of Dibba Club was keen from the first moment to participate in the summer camps initiative launched by the UAE Professional League, based on its importance, as the initiative aims mainly to Giving children the opportunity to play sports and football, and involving families in sports and recreational activities and activities within the clubs, which contributes to linking the masses with the clubs, and increasing cohesion among the members of society.

He explained that, from the first moment the camp was announced, the club sought to coordinate with the UAE Professional League in order to translate the camp's goals into activities and programs that are implemented on the ground inside the camp, in order for the children and their families to achieve the maximum benefit from their participation in the camp, as Many activities and sports such as football and other sports were held, in addition to educational classes and programs aimed at developing the spirit of teamwork among children, and introducing the peaceful societal values ​​that an individual must have, such as respect, his concept and a demonstration, in addition to awareness programs about patterns Food in order to maintain the health of children, which is reflected on the general health of the community.






















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