Dibba Club continues the activities of the free summer camp for children and families

Dibba Club continued the activities of the second day of its free summer camp for children and families, under the slogan "Respect", in the presence of a representative from the UAE Professional League.

The activities of the second day began, with an educational session for children, about the value of respect, as it is a great human value, which represents a balance of trade-offs between people, and is not limited to respect for others, but extends to self-respect and self, and has many aspects that children must follow, Such as respect for the young for the elder, children for parents, the ideas and beliefs of others, among many other manifestations.

After the educational session, the children began to practice a number of warm-up exercises and sports activities aimed at developing their skills, interspersed with rest periods, and then return to training again to develop the skills of football and other sports.

The second day of the camp witnessed a wide turnout from citizens and the masses, as they were keen to participate and interact with the event, expressing their thanks to the camp organizers and trainers, and all the administrative and medical staff in Dibba Club.