The emergence of the Dibba Sports and Cultural Club

  • History and establishment of the club

The idea arose by a group of young people from the region at that time (Salem Ahmad Al-Laghish, Muhammad Obaid Al-Laghish, Abdullah Muhammad Al-Khatibi, Ali Youssef Al-Shamsi, Saeed Obaid Al-Salami, Khamis Obaid Ismail Al-Hamoudi, Rashid Abdullah Al-Oud), who watched the football game while they were in In Kuwait in the early sixties, they loved the game and created a club there and registered in the name of the Arab Gulf Union Club, and they played several matches and made subscriptions to the Kuwait Football Association at their own expense.

A branch of the club was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the city of Dammam at that time under the supervision of Mr. / Abdullah Muhammad Al-Shujaa, and the membership of each of (Abdullah Ali Khwaidam, Jumah Muhammad Ali, Jumah Saeed Hamdan, Abdullah Salem Al Majnoun, Ahmed Obaid Al Majnoun) and the branch included the Social activities and a playground for football.

The idea moved to the region after the return of the youth from Kuwait who brought with them the idea and the rules of the game that were basically unknown to all residents of the region at that time and at that time they established the club with the same name, as it was the first headquarters for the club’s administration in the Sambraid area and the first football playground in Al Qia'an. - Near the old hospital, and then the club’s headquarters moved to the Muhallab area, and the playground remained in Al-Qia’an, and during that period the club played several matches with the Dibba Al-Baya team and the Al-Dhafer team in Dibba Al-Hisn area and the British forces team that were stationed in the area at that time, and as a result of these sports gatherings during Matches , the number of players, followers and fans of the game increased, which led to an expansion of sports participation, as basketball, handball and football fields were established in Akamiyah area.


  • Change and publicize the name of the club

On Tuesday, 24/12/1974, the Administrative Board of the Arab Gulf Union Club was formed for the new year 1975, headed by His Highness Sheikh Saleh bin Muhammad Al Sharqi, head of the Department of Industry and Economy.

Numerous attempts were made to publicize the club, and there was an urgent desire to change the name to be Dibba Club in relation to the city of Dibba. His Excellency / Abdullah Sultan Al Salami, may God have mercy on him, played a great role during that period to achieve this desire and in 1976 the club was declared the Dibba Sports and Cultural Club.

The first meeting of the club’s board ,with the new name, was chaired by Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Afkham, and the playgrounds moved to the Akamiya area, where Dibba Kindergarten is now, and activities began with football, basketball, volleyball and handball games.


  • The development of the club and the increase of activities

In 1981 the current building of the club was built in the Al-Ras area, and at that time, the club developed , a large number of its affiliates and fans and witnessed and a great turnout in sporting activity, as several other games appeared besides football, such as volleyball, handball, basketball, swimming, cycling , athletics and karate. Cultural activity increased in the club as well, as the birth of the cultural awareness magazine, which was one of the cultural platforms in the region at that time, appeared.

Dibba Sports and Cultural Club has got advanced levels of achievements, distinction and prosperity in various games and at all levels, and the club has become a place for everyone's attention to fulfilling its achievements.

They have chaired the club since its inception until now the following notable personalities:

His Highness Sheikh Saleh bin Muhammad Al-Sharqi, Abdul Rahman Al-Afkham, Abdullah Muhammad Al-Shujaa, Muhammad Hassan Al-Dhanhani, Abdullah Sultan Al-Salami, Muhammad Abdullah Al-Salami, Saeed bin Saeed, Ahmed Saeed Al-Dhanhani.


  • Vision

We are determined that the first place will be our highest goal in all fields, sports, culturally and socially.


  • Mission

We are determined that the first place will be our highest goal in all fields, sports, culturally and socially.


  • Strategic Goals

  • Spreading physical and social education and spreading the spirit of loyalty and belonging among members of society.
  • Creating various activities to occupy youth's spare time in a way that benefits them in cultural, social, spiritual, physical, moral and health aspects.
  • Creating a fit sporting generation and caring for young people as a pillar of the future.
  • Paying attention to various cultural and social activities and working on their practice and setting programs for them.
  • Discovering, caring for, refining and upgrading sports talents.
  • Continuous work to raise the technical level of the games and win their championships.
  • Sports spirit and safety first before winning and achieving achievements.